Lucie Sedláková Hůlová – Violin
Ensemble Lucis (two Violins, Viola, Cello, Double-bass, Harpsichord)

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Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1759): Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706): Canon and Gigue
Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741): Violin Concertos op. 8 „The Four Seasons“

The concert programme “Vivaldi’s Four Seasons” brings listeners a world-famous cycle of violin concertos by Antonio Vivaldi performed by violinist Lucie Sedláková Hůlová and the Ensemble Lucis. In their interpretation they try to express musically the  composer’s intention by various means of expression. Vivaldi’s  “Four Seasons” concertos were composed essentially as programme music. Vivaldi set to music sonnets, which he probably wrote himself, and which are an integral part of the whole work and at the same time a kind of instruction on how to interpret the individual parts. A reading of the sonnets will form part of the concert. The programme also includes smaller compositions by Vivaldi’s contemporaries.

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